About Kitsilano Christian Community

Kitsilano Christian Community (Kits) began in a coffee house on Nelson Street during the Fall of 1988 with a group of individuals interested in a “different” sort of church for the Kitsilano neighbourhood. While Kits is a church committed to community involvement and diversity of expression, our roots go back to First Baptist Church in downtown Vancouver, making us a part of a rich 112-year tradition in this city.

Since our beginning midst coffee grounds, we have met in many places including the auditorium of Regent College, and in business space next to the former Ron Zalko’s Fitness Center at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Stephens Street. Now, we are one of two congregations (alongside of Fairview Baptist) who meet in a more traditional church building at 16th and Pine. 

At Kits, our welcome is broad. In particular, Kits strives to provide a warm welcome to people who are reconnecting with their Christian faith after a time away, or are attracted to Jesus Christ, but who may have had negative experiences with Christians or “organized religion”. We often welcome people who have moved to the city, are here for a season, are searching for community, desire to be a part of a church where they can get involved, looking for engaging and challenging preaching, or a diverse worship experience.

What else can we say about who we are? Well, probably the best way to find out who we are is to come and spend some time with us. But to give you a taste of who we are and what we believe, check out these pages:

And please don’t hesitate to contact us at the church office. Even better, come out and visit us on a Sunday Morning!