Sunday Mornings

Come as you are. Make your home in God’s love. All are Welcome.

Kits Christian Community meets for worship at 9:20 am on Sunday mornings at the corner of 16th and Pine. 

Join us in person on Sunday morning at 9:20 am or online

Join via zoom ! 

Additional Explanations:

Children & Youth have their own classes and leave part-way during the service. When they leave, there will be someone outside the side-door who can direct you and your children to their class if you don’t know where to go.

Offering is a time of supporting Kits Ministries. If you are a visitor, it is not expected that you contribute, you can feel free to simply pass the basket on.

Community Life is a time to share what is happening in our community throughout the week, to hear stories of partner ministries in Vancouver or around the world, and occasionally to celebrate baby dedications or baptisms.

Communion is celebrated the second Sunday of the month and occasionally at other times. The table of our Lord Jesus Christ is an open table. All who are seeking to follow Jesus Christ, no matter where you are on this journey, are invited to come partake. Alternatively you can come up for a short blessing prayer.

Coffee Time is one of the most important aspects of worship at Kits! Everyone is invited to go downstairs for a time of conversation around coffee, tea, and snacks. We also have soup lunch together the first Sunday of the month.