Sunday Mornings

Kits Church meets for worship at 9:20 am on Sunday mornings at the corner of 16th and Pine. All are welcome!

A typical morning at Kits:

You roll up to the church at 9:19 am, coffee mug in hand. Avoiding the raindrops, you walk quickly up to the church door. And then you notice a familiar face, then two, and three who are arriving the same time as you. Warmed by the welcoming faces and by the fact that you are not the last one to arrive, you walk up the steps and hear the worship team starting.

Welcome to Sunday morning worship at Kits.

Our order of Service:

We often use the following order of service but with a high degree of openness to changing it up as the topic or concerns of the morning may dictate. But this is how things usually go:

Lighting of the Christ Candle — an important symbolic act signifying Christ’s presence with us.

Worship through Song  usually 15-20 minutes of singing focusing us on God.

Offering  a time for those who find Kits to be their church home to give a portion of their income to God through the local church. This happens as we pass a basket around and money is placed in the basket. Some people prefer to give via pre-authorized giving. If you are a visitor it is not expected that you would contribute, you can feel free to simply pass the basket on after it comes to you.

Children Dismissed  during a song that is usually sung during the offering one of the children will go up to the front and light a candle from the Christ Candle. They will then exit via the side door. This is the signal that the children are dismissed to their Sunday School classes. There is someone outside that door who can direct you and your children to their class if you don’t know where to go.

Prayers of the People  led by someone in the congregation we pray for the world, country, city, and concerns close to home. There are opportunities to submit items for prayer by filling out a care card in the bulletin and placing it in the offering plate.

Scripture Reading — the Bible reading for the sermon is read.

Sermon  usually an exploration of the bible text for the day. This time is sometimes interactive.

Worship in Song
 one or two songs sung in response to what we have heard.

Community Life  sharing what is happening in our community throughout the week, this time is also set aside for stories of partner ministries in Vancouver or around the world, we also celebrate baby dedications or baptisms as well as celebrating birthdays in our midst.

Benediction – a blessing