Welcoming Statement

Welcome Statement for LGBTQ2S+ friends

As part of the wider Christian Church we acknowledge and confess our past and present failure in excluding people based on race, culture, age, gender identity, economic status, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

Our denomination (CBWC) sets policy over ordination and ministerial protocols. Currently, ministers are only permitted to perform marriages between a man and a woman. There are also some restrictions on LGBTQ2S+ Christians seeking ordination. However, beyond these areas, Baptist polity gives wide autonomy to local churches. 

UPDATE: As of June 2023, Kits has also become affiliated with Canadian Association of Baptist Freedoms (CABF) who have different policies on ordination and ministerial protocols: https://www.c-abf.ca.

We at Kitsilano Christian Community strongly believe that our primary call is to welcome everyone as they are, to treat all with love and respect, and give space for all to belong.

Therefore, we at KCC want to explicitly welcome all LGBTQ2S+ Christians as full members. That is to say, any lay leadership position or lay ministry role at KCC is open to LGBTQ2S+ Christians. Furthermore, any LGBTQ2S+ person seeking Christ is welcome to fully participate and belong in the life and community of KCC.

For more details on our policies and finding safety in this community, please reach out to our Interim Lead Pastor, Lisi Schrottner