Outreach at Kitsilano Christian Community

There is one who scatters, and yet increases all the more, and there is one who withholds what is justly due, and yet it results only in want. The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.
Proverbs 11:24-25

Kits Community is a generous congregation who really believes the Kingdom is at work through all the local, national, and international ministries. We believe that following Jesus means pursuing the Kingdom of God through things like graceful hospitality, doing justice, and engaging in mutually transformational relationships all informed by the gospel. Kitsilano Christian Community is part of a long church tradition that aims to fulfill this calling.

12% of the total budget is allocated to the outreach ministries. Through this, Kits is supporting each other in practical and spiritual ways, transforming the world through the gospel of Christ.

In 2010, the Outreach committee initiated an exploration of the concept, “Missional Church”, an invitation to join Jesus in His mission in the world, not to pursue their own missions for Him. The mission is God’s, not ours. As we follow Jesus into His mission, not only are we called to do as Jesus did, we are also called to engage in mission in the ways He did; to be the loving presence of Christ in a desperately needy world. And we are called to incarnate Jesus in a specific context; to be Jesus in a specific place and time, for particular people. We cannot do this out of our own resources, but must develop a greater dependence on the Lord, trusting that He will act in profound ways through our simple acts and words of love.’ For more information on Missional Church, visit www.forgecanada.ca

In response to this, Kits Church is involved financially and practically in our local community ministries such as,

Neighbourhood Action Team (N.A.T.)

An initiative of Kitsilano Christian Community to seek to find new ways for our church to be involved in our neighbourhood and also for members who do not live in Kitsilano to be active in their own neighbourhoods. We have successfully started the 16th & Pine Street Community Garden: an on-site community garden that will share its produce with community organizations that serve marginalized populations.

Christmas Benevolence

Gifts at Christmas to help those in need celebrate the holiday.


A non-profit Christian humanitarian organization helping people re-establish a home. Working in partnership with over 70 member agencies, they give donated home furnishings to people in need.

Kits Cares Café

Kits Cares Café

Kits Cares Café is a weekly café-style community meal at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, offering a creative and meaningful way to connect with those in social isolation as well as provide for physical needs.

Currently, our community volunteers pick up unsold bread at a local retailer, provide monthly homemade baked cookies, offer relational support as people gather for the meal, and give financial support to ensure sustainability.

Kitsilano Christian Community is one of many local churches supporting Kits Cares Café.

To complement the footprints Kits Church is leaving locally within our neighborhood, we are supporting provincially with the below ministries

Salsbury Community Society

Salsbury Community Society (SCS)

Since 1997, it has been a community of locally-rooted initiatives committed to the welcome and support of vulnerable people in the radical tradition of Christ. Through a holistic and relational approach to mutual transformation we seek to nourish individual, local, and global well-being.

We support two organizations under the Salsbury Community Society umbrella:

Justwork Economic Initiative

Just Work Economic Initiative

For people facing multiple barriers to the traditional workforce, JustWork fosters dignified, gainful work opportunities through the development of social enterprises. Because social enterprises are hybrid organizations focused on both social and economic outcomes, they can offer safe places of employment with more flexible work hours and job expectations; and work experience and skill development enabling a transition to more regular job situations.

Kinbrace Refugee Housing & Support

Kinbrace Community

Kinbrace House provides supportive transitional housing for refugee claimants in Vancouver, BC. Kinbrace House is actually two houses, side by side, comprised of a number of separate suites, including several single occupancy rooms and larger suites for families.

Keats Camps

Proclaiming Christ through quality camping opportunities and discipling Christian leaders.

As well, Kits Church recognizes that the Kingdom of Christ reaches beyond its borders, and thus, supports international ministries such as the following:

Hope International

This organization works to enable people in the developed world to connect with neglected people in the poorest communities on earth through compassionate giving and other opportunities to help. Programs in 20 countries in South Asia and East Africa include helping village people develop clean drinking water, irrigation water, sanitation, agroforestry, microcredit, animal husbandry, health-training; basic necessities that improve health and incomes, leading to self-sufficiency and transformed lives!

To find out more about the Kits Outreach program, please contact John King through the church office.