Leaders @ Kitsilano Christian Community

When you come to Kits sometimes it is hard to tell who is in leadership because so many people are involved in the life of our community.  In regard to official leadership the governing structure of the church involves the Church Council which is comprised of people who oversee various areas of our life together and with the pastoral staff set the vision and direction of the church.  The Deacons look after pastoral care issues and support the church through prayer and practical care.  There are countless people involved in leadership with Sunday School, and our Youth, and Community Groups.  We are grateful for all who contribute their time and gifts to this community!

Pastoral Staff

Minister: Monica McKinlay (monica@kitschurch.com)
Youth Coordinator: Jeff VanderKuip (jeff@kitschurch.com)

Church Administrator: Nadia VanderKuip (info@kitschurch.com)

Church Council

Moderator: Mikael Bingham
Vice-Moderator: Vikki Stevenson
Clerk: Nigel Barker
Finance: Jaegen Milley
Deacon Rep: Susan Ferguson
Outreach Rep : Nancy Graham
Member at Large: Hormus Karat


Chair: Susan Ferguson
Lee Best
Kari Boyle
Karen Lai
Paul Klintworth
Thea Ewert
Liz Charyna
James Tessaro

Other Key Leaders

Worship Leader Liaison: Mimosa Bryant
Envelope Secretary: 
Lee Best
Hospitality Ministry: 
Nancy Graham
Prayer Chain: 
Lee Best