16th & Pine Community Garden

Welcome to the 16th & Pine Community Garden! 
(not to be confused with our neighbour: Pine Street Community Gardens )

Here is our story…

A conversation between two people in the summer of 2007, lead to a partnership with our community and Fairview Baptist Church, and on March 24th, 2008, the first meeting to establish a community garden on the church grounds took place.

Initial invitations to participate with us went to neighbourhood organizations that offered meal programs on the West Side, and we were able to welcome aboard MPA Society. Another plot holder donates food to Out of the Cold, and in another plot the Fairview Baptist Church Sunday School children are learning about growing their own food. The remaining plots were offered to our neighbours through www.sharingbackyards.com, where we have been grateful for the generous response and maintain a waiting list for plot stewardship.

Frames were built for the plots in the fall of 2008, and on April 25, 2009 with wonderful support from the community we got the beds ready for all the tomato seedlings we had lovingly nurtured.  May 31st, 2009 was another glorious day to actually plant our tomatoes, then radishes, onions, beans, carrots, pumpkins, squash, and herbs.

In 2010, we were able to expand the number of beds to 11 plots, welcoming more of our neighbours into the joy of urban farming!

And in 2013, the Vancouver Foundation generously funded an expansion of 8 beds through their Greenest City Fund. Six of these beds are currently being farmed and we are working to construct the other two beds with accessibility for those with limited mobility.

Moving from season to season we continue to grow in our relationships with each other, along with our joy in seeing another successful harvest come to life.

Our contact information is: info@kitschurch.com, but currently our wait list is full.