Good Friday Service

Link in at anytime after 11:45am (PT) to begin at noon this Good Friday (April 10th) in praying the interactive stations of the cross.

Join the service

Kids, youth, families, single people – everyone is invited to participate! We will all start together at noon and be guided through 6 different praying stations. Here are the list of supplies you will need before we begin:

  • Station 1 — Vanilla extract/perfume/or essential oi • Oil • Small bowl
  • Station 2 — Large cup • Small scraps of paper • Pens
  • Station 3 — Paper and pen
  • Station 4 — Crayons/Markers (for kids) • Print out the Finger Labyrinth for each person in your household: option #1 (pdf), option #2 (pdf), or make your own finger labyrinth
  • Station 5 — Salt shaker • Warm water in small bowl
  • Station 6 — You have three choices — depending on what is most accessible for you • Choose either A, B, or C
    1. Uncooked white eggs • Onion skins or food colouring • Vinegar white • Napkins • Elastics • Any herbs, spinach, clover, grass (for imprints)
    2. Hard Boiled eggs • Felt pens • Pencils
    3. Print-out of cross (pdf) • markers/crayons/pens